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                Home About YINGJU Product R&D Center NEWS Responsibility Contact us

                New ProductsMORE>>

                VN43UH 110W 3in1 tv-board

                vn43uh boe2xs0
                输出功率/Output power: 110W Max.

                无线充-- 5V2A

                输出电压/Output voltage:5.0Vdc
                输出⌒电流范围/Output current range:2000mA Max.
                输出功率/Output power:10W Max.

                YJE030A 30W QC3.0 car charger

                输出功率/Output power:30W Max.

                Recommended ProductsMORE>>

                YJE010B 10W car charger

                输出电压/Output voltage: USB 5.0Vdc
                输出电流范围/Output current range:USB 5.0V/2A
                输出功率/Output power:10W Max.

                YJC018J 18W QC3.0 small size

                输出/Output :5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
                输出功率/Output power:18W Max.

                YJS015F 15W?ADAPTER horizontal

                Output voltage:3.3-24.0Vdc
                Output current range:10-2100mA
                Output power:15W Max.

                Cooperation projectMORE>>

                INPUT:100-240V - 50-60Hz 0.5A

                Samsung EP-TA20

                INPUT:100-240V - 50-60Hz 0.5A
                OUTPUT:9.0V-1.67A / 5.0V-2.0A

                Dongguan surplus of the Group is a professional R & D, production and marketing of all types of power products and ancillary products of the Group of manufacturing enterprises.

                Yingju Group is headquartered in Shawao Village, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with a total area of about 60 acres. The new headquarters was successfully put into production in March 2015.




                TEL:+86-0769-81837999 Ext 6901/6931



                Address: No 6, Yongxing Road, Shayao Village, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, 523292

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